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Charles Lloyd and Bill Frisell

I am getting back into listening to Jazz. I am a big fan of both Bill Frisell and Charles Lloyd. Imagine my joy to discover two videos  with both of them playing together. Above is the first of a two set show at Lincoln Center in NYC.

Above is the second set and both are worth a listen because the material is different in each set. In the first set the band is on fire from the beginning with their rendition of Masters of War by Bob Dylan. Charles plays both saxophone and flute and sounds amazing regardless of instrument. Bill Frisell’s guitar work is impeccable as is the pedal steel guitar of Greg Leisz. Their playing is intertwined. Bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland round out the group and are a great rhythm section.

The second set starts out a little cooler than the first one featuring Charles on flute. The bass playing a neat riff underneath the rest of the group. The music taking us on a journey. Later in the set the band plays a beautiful rendition of the ballad “You are so Beautiful”. Both sets feature drum solos and Eric Harland does not disappoint.

Charles Lloyd and Bill Frisell are both musicians I listened to when I was recovering from my Prostate surgery 14 years ago. So I am deeply connected to both. It is amazing how music can take us back to a certain period of time. I experience music as a healing power. I have been fortunate enough to see Bill in concert 5 times.  One of those times was in a duo setting with Greg Leisz.

This band credited as Charles Lloyd & the Marvels has released a studio album called I Long to See You on Blue Note. It is worth checking out. I think it is quite good and features guest vocals by Willie Nelson and Norah Jones.


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