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I am often amazed at how I discover things. Just this past weekend I found a United Methodist Church hidden in my neighborhood. It sits 4 blocks east of 84th Street but has no signs on the main road. I am 2 blocks west of 84th Street. Perfect walking distance for me given that my bus doesn’t run on Sunday and I have no car. There are some other churches in my neighborhood but they are either too fundamentalist or orthodox. Fine for many people but I feel most comfortable in mainline Christian denominations. But this perfect church for me sat a short way away from me for almost a year until I stumbled upon a sign for a Spaghetti Dinner hosted by the church which was placed on 84th Street. I was astounded when I saw the address knowing how close it must be. I had already eaten dinner but walked to the church to make sure that I was correct about the closeness. Seeing the church nestled in among the houses of the neighborhood was an amazing sight.

So I went to my first service this past Sunday. I enjoyed it. The church has a relatively small sanctuary and even sitting on the back pew was close to the front. I met and briefly talked to the pastor. Others were cordial when the pastor called for us to greet each other and I felt very comfortable. I will definitely be going back and am hoping that I have found my church home. I have not been a regular church goer these past 2 years. In fact I only had one other church service that I have attended and that was at a shelter when I was homeless last year. I look forward to growing in my Christian journey over the next year. I have a Bible on Kindle and now have found a church so I have no excuse not to draw closer to God. I have grown out of my prayer life and look to get that started again. It has been a lonely scary time without seeking God.

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